Snowy Achalm

So a couple of plans unfortunately fell through the last few weeks. But last weekend we had just had a nice foot of snow in some places and Saturday was a beautiful clear day so I decided to go for a short walk. I started off walking towards one of the hills near to us but halfway there decided to go climb the Achalm.

We climbed it once previously with the international group and I had wanted to climb it in the snow, so this seemed like the opportune moment. I walked all the way from the Hochschule and up to the top, took a few photos along the way before heading back down and grabbing the bus back the rest of the way.

Nothing specifically exciting, just a beautiful view over Eningen. The view over Reutlignen was unfortunately quite smoggy.

A bunch of pics can be seen here.

Reutlingen und die Burg Achalm

For those just interested in the photos you can see most of them here, feel free to download distribute, link and use as you please. Enjoy.

Bakery in Reutlingen

I arrived in Reutlingen on Saturday to take part in a 3 week intensive German language and culture course before starting some research work in the Mechatronics Department of Reutlingen University. I have lots to talk about say, but this post is just a summary of a quick trip we did today.

Narrowest street in the world

Straight after lectures about 40 or 50 of us piled into a bus headed for the town centre. We took a brief tour through the town which included the narrowest ‘street’ in the world (), the Marienkirche and the Tubinger Tor. It was also just to help orientate us in the town and show us a few shops and other places which could be useful to know.

Town Gardens (stitched)

Marienkirche (stitched)

After that we started on a walk up the Burg Achalm (hill). It’s quite a steep climb, but it wasn’t too long before we made it to the 707m high top, which is only about 350m above the town itself.. There’s also a 30m tower, and once atop gives one a beautiful view over the entire town and countryside.

The group that made it to the top, minus a few that had already headed down – click for enlargement

Reutlingen Panoramic

Otherside of the hill Panoramic

A couple photos at the top and a brisk walk halfway down with a stop for a beer, before returning to the town.

beer halfway down, with a view