My name is Gareth Cawood, I hold a BEng and MEng in Mechatronics. I additionally spent several months doing Mechatronics research at Reutlingen University in Germany.

Currently I reside in Ottawa where I work remotely as a software developer for a medical devices company. As part of my work I have spent time developing both high-level firmware to control robotic devices as well as low level firmware in a custom motor controller. This included basic schematic and PCB design. Time was also spent helping develop and test customer facing software.

Previously I worked in South Africa in the automotive manufacturing industry, with responsibilities largely focused on problem solving related to skin panel quality. This included dealing with suppliers, and internal customers as well managing small inter-disciplinary teams to reduce defects.

A partial CV can be viewed here and a list of projects I’ve worked on personally here.

This blog was created to encourage me to write more often and also in the hopes that someone somewhere might find something on the site useful .

View my contact page for a list of ways to get hold of me.