How to edit Grub (Ubuntu 9.10)

It’s holidays now, so I finally got round to getting my netbook to dualboot Windows and Ubuntu 9.10. Got both up and running nicely, only issue is that the Grub defaults to Ubuntu. Not an issue really, but I tend to restart more often in Windows than in Linux, so I’d prefer if windows was the default. So I went and tried to edit the menu.lst file, like in previous versions, but it appears, Grub has now updated to 2.0. Still quite a simple process.

To edit the boot order you can just open the terminal and type the following command: “sudo gedit /etc/default/grub”. Once you have edited that, you have to update the main grub file by typing: “update-grub”.

Voila. Easy as pie. For more info on Grub 2 go here.

To edit the Grub in previous versions of Ubuntu, go here.