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Update: Included Vehicle Licensing & Registration offices at end of post. Also added Gonubie Traffic Department.

I recently moved to East London for work, my first day here I had to go sort out some things at the traffic department. But I really battled to locate the traffic department.

The Buffalo City website was less than helpful. Listing several numbers and services but no address. No amount of Googling helped, and not even the Yellow Pages website could help. Alas I didn’t have a hard copy of this, although I don’t know how helpful that would have been.

I did phone the department and after being put through to the right person, was told they don’t have a physical address, they were just located at ‘Ziphunzana’, note, I heard something similar to that and Googled it without result.

So eventually I phone a friend who grew up here. After a bit of umming and ahhing he had to go on Google Maps and then direct to where it’s located. I did eventually find it, and the service was acceptable, slightly less waiting than what I experienced in Port Elizabeth, but it felt more disorganised with multiple disjointed rooms and corridors.

So for anyone looking for the Testing Centre in East London, also known as Braelyn- or Buffalo City Traffic Department, it’s located at the Ziphunazana Bypass in Braelyn, East London. See the map below for reference. At this centre you can book for driver’s (all codes) or learner’s licences, renew driver’s licences and pay traffic fines as well as do vehicle roadworthiness tests.

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I believe the building below, in Oxford Street, is the location of the Vehicle Licensing centre. The windows to the right of the streetview image now have large signs in them saying Vehicle Licensing.

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Gonubie Traffic Department. You apparently can’t do everything at this traffic department, mainly for testing. Give them a call if you’re unsure.

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And Wilsonia Traffic Department while we’re about it:

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88 thoughts on “Traffic Department in East London

  1. Good Day I’d like to find out how long your driver’s license bookings take, a week, two or more? As IL be in East London for business till the 14th February, and I’d like to do my road and yard test. And estimated time would be highly appreciated

  2. Please can you give me the tel number for the EL Traffic Dept (Braelyn Traffic Dept???).
    Need to phone to confirm costs. Don’t really want to carry more money than necessary.
    Thanking you in advance!!

  3. Good day

    i am needing to renew my drivers license, what documentation and copies do i need to bring with me and can my photo’s be taken at the traffic department. my license expired a week ago, is there a penalty or do i still get 21 days after the expiry date as i have been out of the country until now. could i please have the price to renew my drivers. then also, i am living with someone, so proof of address in not in my name, does the person that i am living with need to fill in an affidavit to prove that i stay with them and then i bring the affidavit with me as my proof of address?

    thank you very much

    • Hi Kimshay

      I went last week to renew at the EL department, so I can answer your questions …

      You need to fill in the DL1 form which you can get at the traffic dept or download and print from their website. (which is what I did). Don’t print back to back.

      Bcoz your licence has already expired you’ll need to get a temp licence as well which costs R96. I did not get charged a penalty despite my licence expiring last year June already!!

      You only need to complete one DL1 form for both renewal and temp, just mark both relevant boxes in first section.

      You need to take your ID book and a certified copy thereof.

      You can have photo’s done there. There are two random guys that are there daily who will do it for you – R40 for 4 photo’s which is ample for both licences.

      The cost to renew is R216. They take cash or card (not Amex tho) whereas previously it was strictly cash only.

      I didn’t have this problem but overheard others speaking about proof of residence. If you do not have your own proof of residence, you’ll need an affidavit with a certified copy of the person’s proof of residence (not older than 3 months) and a certified copy of their ID. It must be their physical address and not a P.O. Box which some thought they could get away with. DUH!

      If you need glasses/contacts, take them with to do your eye test.

      Be prepared to sit for a VERY long time. I was there for FOUR hours. So take something to keep yourself busy and something to drink.

      I hope this helps and answers all your questions.

  4. Good day
    I want to enquire if one can do a transfer of ownership on a vehicle if you are in another province. eg vehicle registered in EC and I now live in KZN.

    Also what docs I need to have and complete

    With thanks

    • if you are giving the car to someone else you need to fill in the transfer of ownership form and submit at your local traffic department. Even if it is EC registered you can submit in KZN, but they may require you to change your registered address.

  5. I have bought a vehicle and need to do change of ownership, form in order just want to find out, the roadworthy was done on 28 August 2015 will this still be valid or will it have to be taken through roadworthy again.

  6. Good Day

    If someone is in prison & his vehicle license has expired what happen in a case like this.
    I have a copy of his id & letter of his sentence, what must be done after this.
    Need assistance please.

    • Hi Shirley I’m not sure. He should be able to renew his licence when he gets out of prison even if his licence card has expired.

  7. Hi Gareth
    What a godsend to find your blog! Thank you so much for your willingness to help, in advance! We gave away an old motorbike, with the understanding that it will be a toy used on the farm. The recipient has now(2 years later) sold the bike to a man living in KZN. Now he contacted us looking for the paperwork ( which has gone missing after two moves etc). The bike was never scrapped, we just stopped paying licence fees when we gave it away, the number plate has fallen off and was also missing. What do we need to do on our side to enable this new owner to get the bike on his name. Who pays the outstanding licence fees?

    • Hi Daleen

      Whenever you get rid of a registered vehicle, you should log this sale with the traffic department, regardless of its intended use. However I don’t feel you’re responsible for any of the fees. You sold it to someone who didn’t want it registered.

      If the new owner wants to get it legal again, either he or the in-between owner should cover any fees incurred.

      If you go to the local traffic department, speak to them about what is required to get the vehicle registered again. I’m not sure what happens when a licence expires, if there’s a limit or not.

  8. Hi I want to ask few questions,,,

    I bought a car 2014 June the disc expired 2014 may 31 then I got all the paperwork with me, I moved to east London left my car in port Elizabeth then last year on September I took it for engine clearance every thing went well now I want to ask if I can take it to roadworthy and how much will I have to pay for licensing since 2014 may?
    and do you know someone who you can reffer me to for roadworthy

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