Another day another outing to another beautiful German city. Collection of photos can be seen here.

This afternoon they International Office had organised an outing to the nearby university town of Tubingen for us. Straight after lunch we hopped on the train and arrived in a sunny Tubingen. We grabbed some ice-cream and were taken on a tour of the city.

The town has a lot of old, beautiful buildings. Lots of flowers were visible and the town also has a castle. Quite a few of the buildings you see are built outwards on each floor, kind of like an inverted pyramid. Apparently land was expensive, so to give the buildings more space, each successive storey was built wider than the lower one.

We grabbed a quick beer before hopping onto some boats for a bit of Stockherkahnfahrt. Or punting.

The boats could seat close to 20 people, and we ended up with four boats. We had a lovely time floating up the river. Nice and relaxed and in the sun. On the way back we were given the opportunity to give punting a go ourselves which is quite fun :)

Thanks to Asem for the photo

We also found quite of these locks throughout the town. Apparently couples engrave them and place them somewhere as a symbol when they get married.

We chose to grab some supper in the town before heading back to Reutlingen.

Mikael posted a video on his blog from the Stockherkahnfahrt which you can see below. The boats are pretty stable, but fairly easy to rock.

Also, with the help of Asem I’ve finally got myself a local simcard, which means my Whatsapp is finally back up and running.

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  1. Sounds awesome! A friend studied in Tubingen, so I’ve seen a couple of photos of the surrounding areas, but never the punting! :)

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