DSTV and flashing lights

EDIT: For some reason I’m getting a lot of hits on this page at the moment, it only addresses one element on one decoder. If you have any other hassles with your decoder check out this link.

I went home this evening for a family get together and walking into the TV room I noticed an annoying flashing orange light on our Multichoice DSTV decoder. Although others had noticed it, no one knew anything about it. While browsing through some channels my sister pointed out a small “letter” icon which had popped up in the one corner of the screen. Going to the menu and opening the “Mail Messages” option gives one a brief notice about new terms and conditions relating to Multichoice. It also stopped the flashing light.

Mentioning this to my Dad, he told me my Gran had been complaining about the light too, quick phonecall to her and problem solved, along with a set of instructions she was to pass on to her friends.

Now I like the way that Multichoice have integrated this feature into the system, it’s just a pity that I doubt anyone actually knows about it. I’m also very curious to know how many phone calls the service centre got about this flashing light that just started randomly last week.

So for anyone wanting to get rid of the flashing orange light:
Turn on your TV and Multichoice Decoder. Take your remote and push the bottom left “Menu” button. A menu should come up on your screen, scroll down to the “Mail Messages” option (if I recall it was option 4) using the cursor/arrow buttons, and use the select button to go into the Mail Messages. It should display a message with regards to the new terms and conditions. Once read, the light should stop flashing and you can press the white “Exit” button once or twice to resume your viewing.

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  1. I haven’t used my dstv for a while,I just re-connected and when I put the decorder on,it shows just the yellow light,the red and green light never appeared.What is the problem?

  2. I have a decoder 1132 it is showing the yellow light permanently and does
    not work what might be the problem i suspect the power supply but
    which capacitor might be not working please.

  3. Hahahaha, I love the way you have inadvertently become a decoder consultant thanks to Google!!!!! Good for hits on your site hey! I also have a problem with my decoder, I want it to cook pap for me, how can I possibly go about achieving that?

    • Hey BraNqo

      For cooking Pap, you really need to get at some of that heat in the decoder. Sadly the decoders aren’t rated too high as far as power consumption goes. Your best bet would be to get hold of one of the new Explora decoders. They’re sure to consume a decent amount of power, more than the others in any case. Now to get at your power you’ll probably have to open it up. Look for the transformer, if you can’t find it, just feel around a bit until you find something warm. Put your pap in a pot and place it on top of the transformer. Now you need to crank up the usage. Make sure you’re streaming on all channels. Make sure to use all the outputs and be recording as well. More outputs = more power! Cooking time unfortunately will still be somewhere around 10-20 hours.

      Good luck!

  4. No, but seriously, what is your Blog all about. Yes, like you likely do, am too lazy to check for myself, hehehehe, are you a specialist in anything other than decoder magician? Multichoice should recognise and remunerate you, you know. Jus sayin.

    WHAT, this thread started in 2011 already? You should be an expert by now, could have taken a crash-course in DSTV decoder troubleshooting or something! You’d have made a killing! Don’t fight the tide, it won’t stop either, coz if you Google DSTV decoder lights, you are right there among the top returns! I a an entrepreneur, should hopefully be working with Multichoice on an innovative project soon enough – you and I should talk or could come to some arrangement in that regard?

    You have my email address.

    • Hey BraNqo

      It is a bit ridiculous. I’m an engineer by trade and study. This blog is about anything I come across that I feel like writing about. Mainly I’m trying to make information about difficult to find topics more easily available. But I document random things I do to.

      The odd thing is I don’t even own/have access to a decoder of any form. My landlord has DSTV and I have a remote which allows me to change the channel on the decoder in his house, but view the channel in my flat, but I don’t have a decoder myself. Maybe Multichoice could send me samples of all of their decoders and sign me up as an online technician, answering people’s questions :)

      Good luck with your endeavours. I am full-time employed at the moment, so not really looking for more work, but if you have any ideas where I can make a quick buck you’re welcome to give me a shout – fiddlingsgcawoodcom

  5. Hi. Havinh a problem with the dstv decoder. The red and green ligh is flashing and orange light stays on but nothing is happening. What. Can. The problem. Be. Please help. Thank you. Dawid

    • Hi Dawid, unfortunately there are too many decoders and possible errors for me to provide support, please try the DSTV help website here.

  6. Hi my decoder is 1110 and have an extension cable to my bedroom and was playing well till last night,so it does not catch the signal anymore and my decoder does not display a green light pls help.

  7. Hello
    Since the latest round of loadshedding, now my HD PVR2p won’t boot up anymore
    1)shows “boot” on the front panel
    2)shows a rotating “DL” on the front panel
    3)front panel then displays “2==2”
    4)on the HD TV screen it shows 576p
    5)then after a few seconds it shows 720p
    6)then a defentitve “click” and the PVR switches off and on, and starts all over

    previously it would progress to
    7)on the front panel 3==3
    8)on the HD TV screen it would progress to 1040p
    and thereafter it would start to show that it was loading, testing streams, signal etc, but I am stuck on point number 6 for 5 hours now

    • Hey Ralf, sorry I can’t help. The DSTV decoders tend not handle power surges that well. See if you can return yours.

  8. I have installed a HD decoder FU in my upstairs room for duel viewing with the main decoder downstairs.
    Horison Satelite installed this and came back to check out problem and replaced decoder, but the problems persists.
    If I turn off TV at night, the next day I have to keep pushing on off to get decoder to reset until pic returns, it takes a while of pushing power on and off to get decoder to reload.

    It is very strange, as there are occasions when I switch on TV the nextday or later in the day, the picture is either hanging or and jumping frames and once again I have to switch on and off until I get to it reload.
    Once I have picture back it works through the day until I switch off at night again.

  9. Mawnin, woke up dis mawnin nd tried puttin on ma dstv,it refused powerin on,wat kan i do pls

  10. Good evening My decoder doesn’t show any light is off cn u help me please

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