Google Maps not loading properly

This evening I was looking around at a couple areas on Google Maps, and the maps weren’t loading properly. Initially I thought it was my poor internet connection, but waiting for it, moving around, the problem seemed to be bigger. This was in Firefox, so I tried loading up in Chrome, thinking this might solve the problem. But no dice.

I then checked out the Maps app on my Android Tablet, and I seemed to experience the same problem. The below picture shows what it looked like, then a moment later without me changing anything half the image disappeared.

everything was OK, then half of the roads disappeared.

everything was OK, then half of the roads disappeared.

Outage.Report doesn’t show any problems, although several people have recently reported not being able to access it. I tweeted about this and immediately got a response from another user with a similar problem.

No news from Google yet, but we wait and see.


UPDATE: 24 hours later and the problem appears to have resolved itself without comment from Google.

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