Tests are upon us

My biannual week of torture is upon us. Next week Saturday I write my first of 5 tests within a 7 day period. Yay! Or not. Either way it means long hours and little sleep, well less than I am currently getting. With a pile of reports, practicals and home work to be completed till next week Friday, it seems there isn’t much time to study for Saturday’s Control Systems test, but time will have to be made.

Either way, it’s a break from classes, 5 tests later I’ll be off to Durban to go visit my sister for the week, and then it’s back to the grindstone for the last long haul before november exams and the oh so long December vacation. 4 weeks of which I’m required to work. I’ve applied for a job at the Mercedes-Benz factory in East London on a friend’s recomendation, but don’t know when I’ll hear back from them, so may end up going back to work for Silas Valley who I worked for in June and where I learnt a fair amount. Either way it will be good to do some work again.

I’m now also officially on the lookout for an XBox 360, still need to decide whether to pickup and old one second hand, buy a new old model or wait for the new 360s to come out in October. We’ll have to wait and see. Also need to get my Truck Driver’s licence done at some stage, hmm…

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