Exams, homes and other stuff

First off it’s exam time, thus me posting now, instead of studying. secondly I have a new home for next year. A lovely little home right opposite the faculty I get to share with 7 other people. 7 people who I only recently met for the first time.

They don’t appear to be crazy, but we’ll obviously see that next year. Meeting up with them again next week to try and sort out rooms. Thirdly, I have a skripsie! Yay! And coincidently it was my first choice. “Two axis camera control system”. Will post more about it later, but for now I’m happy, lecturer seems pretty cool too, involved with Stellenbosch’s Media Lab.

In any case, I had pledged to post at least once a month. That didn’t happen. I have however decided to explore WordPress a bit. So may end up redoing this website. Will give it a nicer look too. I also need work for the holidays. Anyone randomly reading this some how who wants to offer a 3rd Mechatronic Engineer some work for 4 weeks let me know :)

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