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My posts are stories. Although if they’re not an opinion post, I generally like my posts to give some information. Make it easier to find to someone else out there, but the style I write in is a story. My website isn’t a technology blog aimed at getting hits. I write because I enjoy writing, and most of my posts are inspired by some experience I went through. I realise that to lots of people seeking information it may be annoying to sift through my meaningless life stories to find out what they want, but it’s how I write and for the time being I don’t see that change.

This is after all a personal blog. I put my name on it. It’s right there in the domain. It’s something I just noticed the other day, but something I felt like writing about because else I’d forget I had this thought. So here it is. That was in January and I’m only now posting this.

I enjoy typing, it’s therapeutic, but I struggle for topics. Sometimes I’ll sit at my PC and wish I had something to write about, just so I could sit and type for a while. You’d think the first thing to pop into my mind would be to finish my thesis, but often I just want to type without thinking too much.

My posts sometimes contain useful DIY information; but they’re not structured in your typical fashion. I require that you read my story, no matter how uninteresting.  I get to decided this.

Often I’ll have articles sitting behind the scenes. Drafts. A topic I though of to write about, but just never got round to completing. Sometimes I’ll complete one. Sometimes I’ll just delete it after a few months cause I see I won’t be posting it. It’s usually only a few lines long.

Maybe when I finish my thesis I’ll have more time for thinking and writing. Maybe.

But I get to start German language classes again tomorrow. And Friday I get to go on holiday for a few days. So that’ll be fun.

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