Mini Intervalometer

I saw this intervalometer on Hackaday ages ago but never got very far with it. I ordered the PIC with a random RS components order, but without a PIC programmer, the components and the idea just lay around for a while. I dug them up the other day, and managed to locate a PICkit 2 at the university which I borrowed for the night.

How it’s supposed to look

I got the PICkit set up and programmed the chip hoping for the best. Unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on any surface mount components, but built the kit out of through hole components. Also using two individual diodes (with a 0.5V forward voltage drop) instead of the combined dual Schottky diodes. I also used an 8 pin socket so as to not damage the PIC while soldering. Soldered them all together on a piece of protoboard and voila!

What mine looked like

So although it’s not as small as the surface mount version I’m quite happy. I must admit I was quite stoked when I plugged it in and it worked. It can be slightly finicky, but works well enough. Now I just need to find somewhere interesting I can safely leave my camera for a couple hours.

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