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I was recently linked here, where the guy had made up a list of a few country’s top management and where their respective educations lay.

It is was interesting to note that most of the countries’ (Germany, India, USA & Singapore) top officials were all educated in the arts or law, with a few economics people and the odd science major. China on the other hand is made up purely of engineers, with a lawyer chucked in for good measure.

With the often bad rep that SA’s government is often given, I thought I’d do a quick list of the top brass. Below is the quick list, much like on the linked page, and lower down I give a bit more detail. I took the the president, deputy president and then 7 Ministers, in line with the format of the other posts.

Jacob Zuma – President – No Formal Education
Kgalema Petrus Motlanthe – Deputy President – High School
Mr PJ Gordhan – Finance – Pharmacy
Dr PA Motsoaledi – Health – Medicine
Ms ED Peters – Energy – Social Works & Management
Dr R Davies – Trade & Industry – Economics & Politics
Dr LN Sisulu – Defence – Education & History
Ms GNM Pandor – Science & Technology – Education
Mr JS Ndebele – Transport – Politics

Ignoring the President and Deputy President, they all have several degrees in related fields. Quite a few with honorary degrees and several people with degrees from other countries.


President – Jacob Zuma
No Formal education, but with an understandable amount of jail time. Three Honorary Doctorares in Literature, Administration and Philosophy respectively.

Deputy President – Kgalema Petrus Motlanthe
Matric (Completed High School), also with some imprisonment during Apartheid.

Minister of Finance – Mr PJ Gordhan
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Natal), detained several times. 3 honorary Doctorates in Commerce, Law and Business Admin respectively.

Minister of Health – Dr PA Motsoaledi
Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (Natal).

Minister of Energy – Ms ED Peters
Bachelor of Arts: Social Works (University of the North). Certificates in Development and Policy (UWC), Executive Management (UCT) and International Policy Management (Cuba).

Minister of Trade & Industry – Dr R Davies
Honours in Economics, Masters in International Relations (South Hampton), Doctorate in Political Studies (Sussex).

Minister of Defence & Military Veterans – Dr LN Sisulu
BA in Education (Swaziland), Hons in History (York), Masters in Philosophy (York).

Minister of Science & Technology – Ms GNM Pandor
Diploma in Education, MA in Education, Diploma in Higher Education, Administration and Leadership, Diploma in Leadershiop and Development, MA in General Linguistics.

Transport – Mr JS Ndebele
BA International Politics (UNISA), Honours in Development Administration & Politics. Honorary Doctorare (UKZN)



Almost all the details were taken from the rather informative

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