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As Toetsweek leers it’s second last head and I put in hours of work on projects which will probably only count a minor part of my final mark, i look back at 3 years of Engineering.

Someone asked me the other day what I was studying, and I responded with my standard: “Engineering”. “Fun, fun fun…” he replied sarcasticly, and so I thought about it a bit. Now it’s not that I haven’t enjoyed my last 3 years. THey’ve been great, filled with all kinds of adventures, new experiences and new people. But my course itstelf hasn’t exaclty been fun. I’ve learnt a heck of a lot, and I’ve had the opportunity to apply a fair amount of it. But after 3 years, I can finally actually say I enjoy my course.

This being said, I haven’t been this busy with varsity work ever before, but I enjoy. The 20-30 hours spent in the Electronics labs the last week, as soul destroying as they may have been, were great. I really, really enjoy design. It’s teaching me things I’ve always wanted to be able to do, but never got around to. Mechatronics, although the theory is relatively boring, the practical work is once again great.

At the moment I can’t wait till the second semester. Where we have minimal class, and we can work full out on our skripsie.

For now however I am faced with a series of tests. Saturday is Heat Transfer, followed by me riding my 9th Argus Cycle Tour on Sunday. Monday leads to Electronics with Mechatronics on Tuesday and rounding off the week with Project Management on Friday. But that’s next week. First I have a project to finish off. And let’s not get started on my private projects. OBDii is my current interest.

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  1. That’s the great thing about an M (if you choose right) – very little class and maximum practical work! Think they’ll let you do one on OBDii??

    • Don’t know how relevant OBDii is to modern vehicles, something communicating via the CAN bus would probably be more appropriate. First have to convince them to let me do masters though :P

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