So I was bored

So I was bored this evening, and decided to rearrange all the keys on my keyboard so that it spells out a sentence. The first one that came to mind was “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. It was only after I had popped all the keys off my keyboard and started putting them back in order that I noticed several letters were repeated in that sentence :(

Anyway, so I got my roommate to google sentences which use all the letters in the English alphabet only once. He eventually found some, unfortunately none of them are very coherent, and are more just a selection of words, that, if used with the correct punctuation, could form an acceptable phrase or two.

What I was left with was “Blowzy night frumps vexd jack q”.

It’s fine to type this all without looking at the keyboard, but as soon as you start looking at the keyboard while you type, it starts to screw with your mind. It’s like that picture with different colours written out, but the colour’s of the words aren’t the same as the colour that the words say. For example the RED might be written in yellow. You are then required to read the colours of the word, and not the word itself, it stuffs you up.

Will post a pic later, when you see it some of the keys may look a bit funky ’cause they’re upside down, but that’s because the F and J keys have a groove in a different place to the rest of the keys, so that they are always in the right place. Being the keys that you generally base touch typing around.

Interestingly, with this setup, Y is the only letter that hasn’t moved.


I’ve also now noticed that ‘I’ is still in the same place.


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