Google Calendar Sync to end

I just received an announcement email from Google stating that their service allowing the syncing of one’s calendar to Outlook is going to be discontinued.
Although I’ve never been the greatest fan of this app, or method of syncing, it was the only option I could find and it did the job. Now I’m left with nothing, short of abandoning Outlook entirely and embracing the online world. But I like storing my emails locally, and I like being able to see my calendar in Outlook, I prefer it to Google Calendar.

The only reason I need the syncing is to match up with my phone. But alas, as we’ve seen time and time again, once Google make a decision like this, little is to change.

See below the email sent out:

Important Announcement about Google Calendar Sync
Almost two years ago, we announced that we ended support for Google Calendar Sync. Starting on August 1, 2014, this app will no longer sync events between your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

You can continue to access all of your Google Calendar events at or on your mobile devices. Follow these instructions to uninstall Google Calendar Sync from your computer.
– The Calendar Team

Update: From the comments below, here are some alternatives to look at:


A review of these and some other products can be seen here.

Update: If you’re receiving “error code 2016”, it’s because Google have cut you off as stated above.

29 thoughts on “Google Calendar Sync to end

  1. For those who are interested I have come up with a slightly tedious but functional work around :
    Open Google Calendar – go to my calendars and the drop down opposite your personal calendar – open calendar settings and scroll down to Private Address – select ICAL and copy location link from your personal google calendar.

    open Outlook / calendar page and select Open Calendar from the menu bar – select the ‘from Internet’ option – copy Google calendar location into the space and click OK. This will import your google calendar as read only into your Outlook calendar page alongside your Outlook calendar. (make sure both boxes are ticked on the LH margin)

    Because this version of your Google calendar is read only, you will need to enter new events direct on Google calendar via web or mobile – they will however display on the calendar in outlook and you can drag across to Outlook calendar in order to have them on the Outlook Personal Folders page as well. So manual sync but not too tedious once you get the hang of it and FREE :)

  2. I got the notification of Google Calendar Sync’s August 1st demise. However, it’s August 4 and Google Calendar Sync is still working. Crossing my fingers.

  3. Anyone got an easy to use free alternative yet? This used to be a great feature – I would update my work Outlook calendar and sync it with Google so everyone was well organised and no differences in Calendars

  4. Now that the Google Calendar Sync has stopped working I found a replacement Outlook4Gmail. Although it isn’t free it works great, actually better than Google’s own product did.

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