’tis the Season

Well after a rather successful examination period the holidays were upon me. I spent several weeks waiting to hear on work with the company I had worked with in July, but they were unable to take me on at the time, instead I’ve been working for Escape Gauges in Parow for the last week and a half. I’ll work up to Christmas and then do another 2 weeks in January.

Today however is a beautiful public holiday, beautiful in the sense that it’s a nice break, not in the weather, which is fairly miserable, but I will just use it as an excuse to sit all day and play on my PS3 :) and I will validate this having woken up at 6 this morning and done a nice cycle round the area.

So a few more days work, a friend’s 21st next week and then Christmas. In total I have bought 0 presents so far, but never fear, a plan will be made, to some extent. After Christmas I’m off with my siblings, girlfriend and some others for a 5 day hike in the Witelskloof which I’m looking forward to. Will post some pictures and a “review” when I get back. I’m wanting to take my GPS with to track the route, and how far, how long it takes us etc. I just need to figure out some way to keep the GPS charged each day, will probably look around for some kind of solar powered thing. The other problem is the water factor. The hike apparently requires a fair amount of getting wet, our backpacks as well, but we’ll see.

So I’ll be there till new year’s eve. Probably going to end up in Hermanus for that, then spend a day or two in Betty’s Bay with family, before coming back to work. Then it’s two weeks of work and two weeks of holiday before classes start again.
Included in those last two weeks is a trip to East London and hopefully me getting my code 14 driver’s licence, if all goes as planned. I also have to move into my new house for the year before class starts, but all in good time.

For now I’m going to enjoy my day off and the build up and festivities to Christmas.

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  1. Hey Gareth, i’ve only seen this now (been away for a week helping out at a youth camp), but vac/hiking placs sound cool :) For the wetness, you want to use a dry bag. They’re fairly pricey, but i have a 20-litre one you’re welcome to borrow. Must just make a play to get it to you — would be great to link up as well!

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