Monthly post perhaps?

Over the past couple weeks more and more often I’ve felt the need to just post random tidbits of information, interesting links or other random things, and I always forget. So in an effort to better make use of my R29pm I’m going to try do a post a month with something in it.

Obviously by now I’ve forgotten everything I had intended to post, but such is life.

Last week I started work for Silas Valley Innovations, a mainly Electronic Engineering focused firm. I’m doing a 4 week stint with them for some work experience and as is required for my studies. The work they’re doing is very interesting, and it’s all very new to me, to be in part of the development process of a product, although i feel that I sometimes get in the way.

I’ve had a list of things I’ve been wanting to do for ages, but never seem to get around to it. It seems that I’m always busy doing something, which is usually something I’ve just added to the list and it never seems to get any shorter.

One thing I’ve finally got completed is to get a second computer up and running and I’ll be running them in series back at varsity, connecting through my “server” onto the network. The “server” is a newish Intel D510mo. It’s a motherboard which comes with the Dual Core Atom Processor built in already. Completely quiet, and draws very little power.

So I decided to build a case for it. This comprised of taking an old ATX case that used to run a P2, and modifying it. I’ve knocked off about 10cm from the front, and 10cm from the top as well and am in the process of making nic eside panels for it. It’s not the prettiest looking thing ever, and I have one or two logistical issues to sort out, but I think it will be a good start into my modding “career”. Will post some pics once it’s finished.

I’ve recently ordered myself a Wacom Bamboo Pen. I found it nice and cheap on Expansys. I hadn’t used them previously, but their price worked out at almost R100 cheaper so decided to give them a try. So it turns out they have a bunch of branches all over the world and source the cheapest product and then ship it to wherever it’s been ordered. So it’s been 15 days, and I am still waiting for it to arrive in South Africa, sent them an email today, and am waiting for a reply.

Hackaday is one of my favourite websites to look through, so many amazing things being designed and thought up there. Pretty cool design and everything that one guy went through to build himself a 16TB netowrk storage device.

I’ve also started twittering, well I started a few months ago, but haven’t really got into it. I have however gone like 8 months without a facebook update.

Shortly after I got my camera I started buying the monthly publication, SACM (South African Computer Magazine), they were runnign a monthly photo competition and helped me keep motivated. I eventually got round to subscribing, but alas, several months later tehy ran out of money and stopped publishing. Their licence was handed over to “Combustion Publishing”, who now offer it as a free e-zine. They’ve so far released only 2 issues, of which I scanned through. It’s definitely not as smooth as the old SACM, but the content is solid and for a free magazine I can’t really complain.

However I did. They have no contact details anywhere, but run a WP based blog, so I commented on their latest issue. Almost 3 weeks down the line my comment is still “awaiting moderation”, yet 5 subsequent comments by other people have been publsihed, and I’ve received no feedback. My message goes as follows:
I just have several comments about the website. Firstly if you’re not going to have any reviews/ etc, remove the buttons from the page. Also update the “About” section so it actually says something. All of it makes the website appear very sloppy.
Anothe rthing is hte hordes of fake comments on the April Issue’s post, even last 3 comment on this post are obviously fakes.
As an avid reader of the previous SACM, I’m disapointed to see things like this happening to the brand. For everyone, especially a web-only publication, first appearances are what capture audiences.
There are also no e-mail addresses available to contact you guys. I was forced to comment here, whereas I would much rather have emailed this to someone, in a less public manner.
Apart from that the content in the magazine looks fairly solid which I’m glad to see, still waiting for June’s issue though.

My biggest issue was that their previous issues post had 133 comments on it. 90% of which were blatant bot posts, and which they clearly did not moderate. Someone called “Russel” (who I assume is staff) actually replied to a bot’s comment (the name was Nadia, and linked to Victoria’s Secrets website…). I jsut read through majority of the posts on the first iussue. And it seems like the staff are answering many of the comments thinking they are genuine replies to their magazine. I’ve recently noticed that they have removed all the unused buttons/links on the website.

Anyway, I think that’s enough for now. Something to indicate this is still used.


PS: I despise Vuvuzelas

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