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Was chatting to a friend earlier this evening and realised that I have a bunch of private “projects” I want to do. This website was certainly one of them, so I figured I’d add another page to the site with a list of “current projects” and update them periodically. I think making a list of them will also be helpful to me. Firstly so that I don’t forget about them and secondly so I can cross them off a list and feel like I’ve accomplished something :D

Well, as far as today is concerned, got myself another early Christmas present, a Logitech X-230 2.1 channel sound system I picked up second hand. Very nice, and a huge upgrade on my Genius stereo speakers which are probably close to 10 years old, they’ve done me well though. My other present was a Samsung 2333SW 23″ wide HD monitor. Again, a huge upgrade on my previous 17″ CRT, I am however holding onto my CRT and using them in a Dual Screen setup, I used to use the 17″ with another 15″ CRT. If the speakers have taught me anything though, it’s that bass accentuates music so nicely, and car crashes in Burnout Paradise too. I really feel like I’m in that car when it does it’s 5th barrel roll before it slams into another oncoming vehicle.

The new speakers reminded me just how much I hate 2 prong plugs. I always have, and imagine always will, hate these things with a passion. The only good thing about them, in my opinion, is that they take up less space, but I couldn’t give a damn. 90% of the time they end up being plugged into multiplugs where they live their life in a dangerous balance between making contact and annoying the hell out of me. I’ll probably chop the plug off and replace it with a more sensible, stable 3 prong plug when I get round to buying one.

On the topic of new things, I’ve also finally ditched my favourite 9 year old OS for the new, shiny Windows 7. Impart because my PC needed a restart, in part because I found a fully functional 250GB HDD lying around and impart because I needed an excuse to do some reading for a change. So I’ve started reading a book by local satirist Ben Trovato, have always enjoyed his work, and still do. But to Windows 7. It’s new, it’s shiny, it’s Windows XP. There are new features, new pretty buttons, and they’ve tried to make things easier I guess. I started off hating it as much as Vista, but have started to make peace with it, I figured I might as well. If I can learn to live with Office ’07, I can put up with it’s friend.

I think I’ve just about got rid of all the built in security features that shout at me when I try and open Notepad, but we’ll see how I get on with it. Microsoft, being the people that despise me, have in their all knowing wisdom, once again given us an “upgraded” Start menu. Another start menu that I hate! So I figured, hey, they were clever enough in XP and Vista to offer us the option to use the Classic Menu, which I love, so right-click properties, nothing… A quick Google search returned the truth of the matter that Ms have decided that we need to grow up, so I have. I did find these two nifty apps that allows one to hide the normal Start Menu and run a copy of the Classic Menu. It was also comforting to know that other people hate the new one so much that htey would go and write on forums about it. But after some contemplation I decided my PC didn’t need the extra strain caused by these apps, and have decided to vasbyt.

So for the moment it’s back to my list of projects, flying up to Durban on Saturday with my parents where they’re going to attend a wedding, before we go on with my gran to my uncle’s farm for christmas, back home for new years, although plans still need to be made for that.

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